locked SRHA June and July Archives Work Sessions Are Cancelled

George Eichelberger


Here is the text of an email from SRHA President Carl Ardrey cancelling the June and July SRHA Archives work sessions. With advance planning it MAY be possible for people to access the archives for research during July depending on the factors in Carl’s note at that time. Contact archives@... if you plan to go to TVRM then.


Due to the uncertainties in the future regarding legal exposure, entry requirements, possible COVID spikes, changes in state stay at home orders, TVRM's status, exposure of our members, plus a multitude of other issues it's probably best we cancel the planned work sessions for June and July.  Those with archives access can continue their individual work either on site or working from home. This will limit any possible person to person exposure. We will also start keeping a record of our visits on sign in sheet which would also assist in reporting personal car mileage deduction to the IRS for 501c3 work.  While the work will be slowed during this period we can still keep things moving along with our core group. TVRM is in concurrence. "When in doubt the safest course must be taken".