locked St. Louis line coal train questions

Al Collins <erb_2939@...>

Hello everyone,

In my research of the St. Louis line, I have seen mention of a coal train 291/292. 

From what few pictures and videos I've managed to find, it shows GP39X and GP50s for power with what appears to be 4 bay hoppers. The pictures and videos were taken in 1985/1986.

My questions are as follows:

Was 291/292 around 1980-1982, if so where did it load and unload?

With the exception of the GP39Xs, would this info be revelant for the 1980-early 1982 period?

Does anyone know of a HO-scale model of the 4 bay hoppers?

Did the 360000-series 100-ton cars get used on St. Louis line, if so, from where to where? Train number? Typical power?