locked today, October 25th is the 79th anniversary

Cohen Bob

On this date, October 25, 1941, Southern officially suspended passenger service on the Harrisonburg Branch. When train 11 arrived in Manassas, Virginia late that afternoon, the cars were requisitioned for use elsewhere where they could be put to greater use and for the next 5.5 years there was no passenger service on the line. The 20-mile away east of it, N&W Shenandoah Valley line didn't end passenger service until the early 1960's.

One week later, the B&O's Valley RR between Lexington, Va. and Harrisonburg likewise ended passenger service but theirs wasn't a suspension; it was an end of passenger service entirely. Besides, there had only been $270 received in ticket sales for those 62 miles for the entire 10 months of the year ......... and that is NO misprint.

and that's the way it was, .........................

Bob Cohen