locked TVRM

George Eichelberger

First, let me say this request is from me personally. I am not an officer of TVRM and the request is not from SRHA.

For an obvious reason TVRM is shut down so there are no visitors, or income at the museum, debt service and utility bills and other expenses continue although most employees have been laid off. Of course, whatever governmental funds that may be available are being explored.

Although the situation is not dire, whatever bills can be paid now are that much less to be concerned with later.

If you are interested in helping to keep the sounds of a Southern Railway whistle and history alive in the Tennessee Valley, go to their home page at www.tvrail.com, scroll down to “SUPPORT TVRM” THEN “DONATE” for details.

For anyone interested in helping to preserve Southern Railway equipment, such as office car #21, donations can be directed to that. That will not only move the car closer to being put in service, it will help put paid TVRM folks back to work as soon as the shop can reopen.


George Eichelberger

PS If not TVRM, after health and food services, consider a donation to your favorite railroad, or other, museum. All are facing the same situation.