locked What did Trains 60 and 61 do - 1970's?


I met Matt Bumbarner Saturday at the train show in Gastonia (and bought a signed C&NW book!). I meant to stop by and ask his this, but didn't manage to get back there.

60 and 61 were the local trains on Southern's S-line. 60 ran from Morganton to Spencer, and 61 the other way, six days a week. My model railroad layout (under construction) is set in 1974, a couple of years after the Southern built Oyama Yard and tore down the old C&NW shops in Hickory. 

My questions about these trains are as follows:
Did the crews run all the say through, or did they swap when the trains met, with the Morganton crew going back to Morganton and the Spencer crew returning to Spencer? What about the engines?

Did these trains work the industries in the Hickory area, of was that handled by a local switcher coming out of Oyama yard?

Did these trains drop and pick up cars at Oyama?

What did these trains do at Statesville? I'm pretty sure there was a local switcher there in 1974.

Finally, what questions am I not asking that I should be? :)

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC